How to Prepare Your Home for Foam Insulation Spray

How to Prepare Your Home for Foam Insulation Spray

It’s not every day that the average homeowner needs to get their home ready for foam insulation spray. But if that day is approaching, here’s what you need to do before the professionals arrive.

Clear a Path 

Take some time to clear out anything that could block the job area. Think about how much room the spray foam insulation experts will need and the equipment they’ll bring. 

Insulation is frequently installed while the home is still being built, so understandably, you may have some odds and ends lying around. But for the quickest installation, make sure that there’s enough room for the team to do their job. If some things have to stay in the vicinity, remember to cover them up.

Ensure a Safe Working Space for Your Foam Insulation Spray Installation

Research the OSHA specifications for worksites, especially if your home is still being built. Unfinished areas can pose risks for the installation team, so take extra time to ensure that everything is safe and compliant. 

Installation teams will be working vertically and horizontally, so don’t forget to check every inch of the area where they’ll install the insulation. Stairwells or open areas need to have OSHA-compliant safety railings for the techs. Cover any open HVAC vents to protect workers from falling in. 

You may need to discuss additional safety elements with your contractor or read up on them before the day of your installation. Don’t hesitate to comb over the information and take the necessary precautions well in advance of your installation.

Complete Certain Jobs Beforehand

For best results, wrap up any HVAC, electrical, or plumbing work before your installation begins. If the insulation team has to wait for these projects to finish or they must leave and come back, you’ll wind up spending even more money on an already costly project. 

Contact a professional to learn more if you’re curious about what you can do to make everyone’s life easier during your foam insulation spray installation.

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